Your Medical Records

Medicine in the digital age

Your medical records will be securely maintained within an electronic medical records system that is fully HIPAA compliant. The data will be stored in the office with regular daily backups. It is not internet-based which is an advantage from a security standpoint since it is less likely that a security breach will occur.

Our computer hardware is highly reliable and state-of-the-art so that computer downtime if any should be minimal.

The doctors will be able to access your record after hours with a high degree of security. This is important since if you call with a question, we will be able to quickly review your chart, see what your medical diagnoses, allergies and medications are, and be able to answer your question more effectively and even call in a prescription if needed.

The electronic medical record system will allow us to keep close track of your medications with much less likelihood for error than in conventional paper systems. Your prescriptions can be printed in the office or even sent online directly to your pharmacist so that they will be ready for you to pick up when you get there.

Your health maintenance records will be set up in the system so that we will automatically be reminded when you are due for a screening procedure or vaccination, etc.

Your laboratory results, if obtained in our office, will be electronically sent directly from Labcorp into your chart and flagged so that we will know immediately when the tests have been completed. We will be able to let you know the results on the same day that we receive them in most cases. Laboratory results and xray results from the hospital or other laboratories may take one or two days longer and will be faxed and scanned into the system and you will be notified as soon as they become available.

During your office visit, you will receive printed instructions when needed outlining what you and your doctor discussed. You may also receive a printout of your office note and medication list. Also, you will have the ability to privately access important parts of your office record through a password-protected patient portal to our electronic medical record.

As technology improves, there may be additional digital services that we can provide. We would like to stay on the cutting edge of using technology to improve medical care, communication and patient safety as much as possible.

We believe these services will provide a great benefit for our patients and add a new dimension to their medical care that hasn't previously been available in this area.

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