Dr. Cajulis and his staff are amazing

by Jerilyn
(Port Ludlow, WA USA)

I recently moved out of state after having Dr. Cajulis as my doctor for the last 5-6 years. I can’t say enough great things about him as a physician and as a caring human being. I didn’t know anything about concierge medicine but was tired of never seeing the same provider within the TRICARE system and I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the providers I was limited to seeing. Every visit with Dr. Cajulis was thorough and never rushed and I always felt like he cared. Then the last 2 years, I went through back to back personal tragedies and Dr. Cajulis was so compassionate and understanding, even if I had to contact him after hours. The entire staff is professional and caring as well and truly took care of everything for me. This is a one of a kind practice and I would highly recommend it as this is the way medicine should be practiced.

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